As much as I love the freedom of the hills, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and deserts of this world, I must concede that humankind's great cities are among this planet's great wonders. Without a doubt, the city of Chicago ranks highly among them.

This picture is representative of "The Loop," an area in downtown Chicago surrounded by a "loop" of elevated train tracks that convey an electric railway commonly referred to as the "L." The original "LOOP" was actually a loop of tracks for a downtown trolly.

In the center of this picture is a staircase leading to a boarding platform for the "L" above.

The downtown's "L" at night as seen from a boarding platform.

A partial view of Chicago's downtown area as seen from the location of Buckingham Fountain, a world famous Chicago landmark since 1927.

Intersection of Balbo Drive and Michigan Avenue. Lake Michigan lies not far ahead.

Chicago's downtown area as seen from Millennium Park, with Michigan Avenue to the left.

The sculpture "Cloud Gate," otherwise known by Chicagoans as "The Bean," resides in Millennium Park. A small portion of Chicago's vast downtown area is seen in the background.

Another view of Chicago's downtown area viewed from one of the many bridges spanning the Chicago River.

This sculpture is one of many found on the pylons of bridges spanning the Chicago River. On the immediate right of this pylon is the well-known Tribune Tower.

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